The strange little girl follows the Draconian Dignitary as he leaves his office, her stockinged feet slip-sliding a little on the slick marble stones of the palace floor. She doesn’t like flying, though, so she just pads after him the best that she can.

DD takes a puff off his cigarette and glances back at her as they pass out of the palace corridors and into the courtyard outside the city streets. She had been sitting in his office all day. Agents were not allowed to harm the dreamers while they were on Derse; it was an ancient, and potent taboo.

So he really hadn’t known what to do with her, since she didn’t seem to want to leave. Eventually he’d handed her some old paperwork and a few pens, and that seemed to make her happy. He’d wound up watching her draw on the backs of them, some really fine absurd doodles that reminded him of the things Jack drew when he was bored.

The dreamer didn’t talk much, which was fine enough with DD, though it made him sure he was being spied on. Though, as the day wore on, he started to be less and less sure she was a spy, and wonder more and more if perhaps the dreamer was a little stupid.

That seemed like the likeliest reason why she was following him with a big smile on her face, humming under her breath.

He sighs as he makes his way to the cab, blowing a hot breath of cigarette smoke out from his lungs. He holds the cab door open for the dreamer. There’s no call to be rude after all.

The Mage of Rage hesitates at the door of the cab. “Where are we going?” she asks in a small voice.

“I’m going to the casino,” DD says with more patience than he feels. “Are you coming?”

“Oh! That sounds like fun!” The Mage’s hesitation dissolves, and she hops up into the cab, squirming a little to get in.

DD sighs and steps in afterwards.It’s going to be a long evening.